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Iván Mátyás
Károly Szirovatka head of sales
József Kinpán
head of technical department
Zsolt Lőrincz
head of the service
Corporate address: 1031 Budapest, Nimród u.3.
Telephone: +36 1 250 8686
Fax: +36 1 250 8687
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New business option logo

Do you want to provide a new service to your guests or

customers, without the need of additional manpower?

Get in operation a PhotoRoll photo printer!

To whom?

Nowadays almost everybody makes photos with their mobile device. We designed the PhotoRoll printer to them, as it is possible to print wireless way, immediately from iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone mobile devices.

What is so unique?

We intended to work only with mobile devices, but instantly, the simplest way, paying with coins, just in perfect quality. The logo and/or web address of the service provider can be overlaid automatically on the printout.

What is required?

The operation does not need any assistance or supervision, just a power outlet. The housing is for indoor use at this time.



Technical parameters


157cm height, 60cm  wide, 68cm deep

Print speed

7 sec / photo



Paper capacity

400 photo

Print size

10 x 15 cm

Operating temperature


Screen size

48 cm diagonal (19?)

Energy consumption

230V AC / 65 Watt

Printing technology

Dye-sub thermal


not allowed

User GUI

English + second language

Coin acceptance

14 kind of coins, programmable

Compatible devices

iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows telephone and tablet

Data receiving

iOS-> AirPrint
Android-> Bluetooth
Windows-> Bluetooth


Who we are

We are -Pentolt Kft.- a technology company with 45 employees. Our core business is designing, installing and servicing electronic security systems, but we successfully managed to develop new equipment, like our newest baby the PhotoRoll kiosk. We can change the software and hardware of the product according to actual needs of our customers.

Pentolt Kft., as a manufacturer is ready to produce the devices for you. You can decide, which coins to work with, the language of the menu, the color of the housing. Az an option we are ready to implement a credit card reader on the housing. We provide a web based data collector service, which can help you to supervise the status and the turnover of your kiosks on the internet.

Way of operation

It was our highest priority to simplify the operation, as the customers want to grab their photos the fastest and not want to waste time with pushing next-next buttons. Therefore we created the user graphical interface in a way that not even one command is required to execute on the display of the kiosk, but only the customer?s mobile phone is to be operated. We are unique in the world, with this approach.

The wireless access is to be enabled on the mobile device, then the user has to select the photo to be printed and the last thing is to send them over. The kiosk is continuously ready to receive, so then the thumbnails will appear on the display, followed by the amount to be inserted to start the process. Once the coins are inserted, the printout will start.

In case of hesitation about the process the display of the kiosk will show the steps to go through on the mobile device after one touch.

The kiosk can handle more languages. It works now in English and Hungarian, but the selection list is theoretically endless.

May you interested, please get in contact with us.